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As of 23 May 2024, the website is closing.  I would like to thank each and everyone who wordered and hope that you won't be too disappointed if I have overestimated available rhizomes and have to refund for ones I have run out of.  While I try to ensure that each rhizome is true to the specified variety, because I need to use a helper to dig (after all, I am 78 and not as spry as I once was), if you receive a rhizome that turns out to be incorrect when it blooms, please let me know and I will either refund or replace depending on the situation.  Please feel free to contacted me by message or phone if you have questions or problems with your irises.

For those who have requested additional rhizomes if they become available (I am new as the estimating available rhizomes and some may show up when the digging starts in mid July) please know that I will contact you individually.
Again, Thank You for a wonderful year.
Growing iris rhizomes is pretty simple.  Plant, water, fertilize and enjoy.  Once every 2-5 years you will need to divide your iris, replant the rhizomes where you want, sell or give away the spares, and enjoy.  I have been enjoying my irises for the past 25 years in the small, rural community of Greenacres about 10 miles from the nearby towns of Coos Bay and Coquille on the southern Oregon coast.  My purpose in establishing this website is to share my love for the iris, let folks know what iris varieties I grow, and have available for sale.  I also host the Facebook Group, Coos County Iris Lovers where I share tidbits of info and list iris currently for sale.
Iris can bloom nearly anytime of the year (my reblooming iris 'Total Recall' sent up a bloom stalk in December 2021 and the bloom opened in January 2022), but generally confine their flowers to the spring and late summer/early fall.  The gorgeous iris pictured here is the tall bearded iris Golden Panther.
I apologize in advance for some of my photos which don't do justice to the irises.  I am slowly getting better and my camera does a better job of getting the color correct.  Also because the background on my iris pictures have wire fencing, tires, vehicles, etc., I have been replacing the backgrounds for a "cleaner" image.

Iris Classifications

Iris Classification refers to the various sizes

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Award Categories

Description of the various awards an iris variety may receive

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Parts of the Iris

Description of the various parts of the iris

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Iris "Flower Patterns" & Colors

The color of an iris often depends on the "eye" of the hybridizer. One iris may be called purple while a similarly colored iris may be called violet. For official definitions, go to Listed below are various "standard" flower color patterns.

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Bloom Time

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Many of my irises this year are eaches, so order early.  I'm hoping I have listed all the irises I have available.  I have listed some that were just purchased last year that haven't bloomed yet.  If I find that I received an incorrect iris, I will change it on the website and refund $$ if you've already ordered.  Because I am still a "novice" at identifying which fans are bloom fans and which are not, as the bloom season gets closer, I may increase some of my available rhizomes.
Thank you for your business.
You may order via PayPal or by check/money order.  I strongly encourage you to send me a message with the rhizome varieties you would like so I can be reasonably certain I have enough of those varieties available.  Because our Oregon coast weather is both wet and highly variable (hail on the ground in the morning and bright sunshine an hour later), some varieties may give me more or less available rhizomes, so please message with your order. Iris are "harvested" after blooming, so I will begin in July and finish in September.  Local pickup (and possibly local delivery) by prior arrangement only.
Absolutely!  Select the rhizomes you want, send me a message letting me know that you want to pay by check.  Send check to J. Shank, 93577 Green Acres Ln, Coos Bay, OR 97420.  I will let you know by email when I receive your check.
I have been reworking many of my iris beds, therefore many of my irises will not be available for sale this year.   Because this is more of a pleasure business (that is for my pleasure & enjoyment), instead of a production business, I will rarely have more than 10 rhizomes available per variety (I generally have only one plant of each variety).  Most will be in the 1 to 5 rhizome range.  When the available rhizomes of a variety are sold, it will show as "out of stock."  
Because of my age (76) and some physical challenges, when I have received the maximum number of orders I think I can handle, I will close the store, so order early. I am not a "certified" agricultural garden, so if your state requires that I won't be able to ship to you.   All shipping is done via USPS Flat Rate shipping.
If you are "desperate" to get one of my irises that is listed as "out of stock", please email me, I may be able to get one rhizome for you.
Within certain limits.  I will guarantee that my rhizomes will be dug and shipped between mid July and mid September, that they will have been treated and checked prior to shipping to ensure the rhizomes are healthy.  I ship only via Priority Mail, so all rhizomes should be received within 5 days.  I will generally ship Monday - Wednesday of each week to get plants to you before the weekend.  Because I can't control what happens once received by purchasers, I will reimburse/replace only if the iris or irises are "dead on receipt".  Date of receipt, image of rhizomes will be required in that situation.  Please contact me if your iris appears to be the wrong variety (when it blooms) and I will strive to send the correct variety or reimburse the purchase price (again, an image of the bloom is needed) 
  • Green Acres Lane, Coos Bay, Oregon, United States

Bold Text indicates Award of Merit, underlined & bold indicates Caparne-Welch, Cook-Douglas, Williamson-White,Sass, Knowlton, and John C Wister Medal; italic & bold indicates Dykes Memorial Medal.

A Million Dreams - TB; Above The Fray -TB; Absolute Treasure - TB; Acoma - TB; Action Packed - TB; Adoregon - TB; Adriatic Noble - TB; Adriatic Waves - TB; Affair To Remember - TB; Afternoon Delight - TB; Agate Beach - TB; Allegiance - TB; All Of Me - TB; Amethyst Flame - TB; Anaconda Love - IB; Angel's Rest - TB; Apple Crisp - IB; April In Paris - TB; Argus Pheasant - TB; Aristocracy - TB; Arrivederci - TB; Asian Inspiration - TB; Ask Alma - IB; Autumn Explosion - TB; Autumn Leaves - TB; Awesome Alex - TB.

Babbling Brook - TB; Baboon Bottom - BB; Baby Blessed - SDB; Back Street - SDB; Backlit Beauty - IB; Balderdash - TB; Baltimore - TB; Bamboo Shadows - TB; Banded Rose - BB; Barbara Rider - TB; Batik - BB; Beauty Becomes Her - TB; Be Bold - SDB; Bedford Lilac - SDB; Beetlejuice - MDB; Before The Storm - TB; Bel Esprit - TB; Belle Fille - TB; Berserk - TB; Beverly Sills - TB; Bewilderbeast - TB; Beyond Borders - TB; Blackalicious - TB; Black And Blueberry - SDB; Black Comedy - IB; Black Is Black - TB; Black Lipstick - TB; Black Magic Woman - TB; Black Tie Affair - TB; Blazing Beacons - TB; Blind Ambition - TB; Bluebeard's Ghost - SDB; Bluebeard's Gold - SDB; Blueberry Bliss - TB; Blueberry Parfait - TB; Bluebird of Happiness - TB; Blue Rhythm - TB; Blue Sapphire - TB; Bollywood - TB; Boo Berry - IB; Boogie Woogie - TB; Border Control - BB; Boston Cream - TB; Bottled Sunshine - IB; Bottle Rocket - TB; Boundary Lines - TB; Boy Genius - BB; Braggadocio - TB; Brass Lamp - TB; Brazilian Art - TB; Breakers - TB; Brevity - MDB; Bride's Halo - TB; Bright Blue Eyes - SDB; Bright Sunshiny Day - TB; Brilliant Idea - TB; Broadband - TB; Broad Shoulders - TB; Broadway - TB; Brouhaha - TB; Brown Lasson - BB; Bubble Bubble - TB; Bugsy - MDB; Bundle Of Love - BB; But Darling - TB; Butterlicious - TB.

California Style - IB; Camera Ready - TB; Canadian Kisses - SDB; Caribbean Dream - TB; Carry A Tune - TB; Cascadia - TB; Castle Peak - TB; Catalyst - TB; Catch The Fever - TB; Cat In The Hat - IB; Cat's Eye - SDB; Celebration Song - TB; Celestial Explosion - TB; Celtic Tartan - TB; Center Ice - TB; Center Line - TB; Central Intelligence - TB; Chamber of Secrets - TB; Champagne Elegance - TB; Charleston - TB; Chasing Rainbows - TB; Cheating Heart - TB; Cheetah Cheese - TB; Cher And Cher Alike - TB; Cherie - TB; Cherished Memories - TB; Cher's Delight - SDB; Cher's Fancy Idea - IB; Chief John Jolly - TB; Chihuahuan Desert - TB; Chillaxin' - TB; Chivalry - TB; Christiana Baker - BB; Chubby Cheeks - SDB; City Lights - TB; Clarence - TB; Class Ring - TB; Coal Seams - TB; Code Of Honor - IB; Collusion - TB; Color Capers - TB; Color Fast - TB; Come To Life - TB; Concertina - IB; Congratulations - TB; Conjuration - TB; Coos Bay - TB; Copper Lustre - TB; Coralie - TB; Coralina - TB; Core Values - TB; Cotillion Gown - TB; Courageous One - BB; Covert Caper - TB; Crackling Caldera - TB; Cranapple - BB; Cranberry Crush - TB; Cross Current - TB; Crowned Heads - TB; Crow's Feet - BB; Crystal Gazer - TB; Cubs Win It - TB.

Daffy Duck - TB; Dance Recital - TB; Daring Deception - TB; Dark Drama - TB; Dark Energy - TB; Dark Matter - IB; Dark Storm - TB; Dark Triad - IB; Dark Universe - TB; Dark Vader - SDB; Daughter Of Stars - TB; Dauntless - TB; Day On The Bay - TB; Dazzling - IB; Dazzling Gold - TB; Debby Rairdon - TB; Decadence - TB; Decked Out - TB; Delirium - IB; Desert Blush - TB; Devil Baby - SDB; Devil May Care - IB; Devil's Night - SDB; Devil's Waltz - BB; Devonshire Cream - TB; Diabolique - TB; Dinky Circus - MDB; Diplomacy - TB; Dipped In Dots - TB; Dividing Line - MTB; Dog And Pony Show - IB; Dollop Of Cream - MDB; Don't Doubt Dalton - TB; Don't Stop Believing - TB; Dot Com - SDB; Double Jeopardy - TB; Double Ringer - TB; Dracula's Kiss - TB; Dragon King - TB; Drama Queen - TB; Dream Express - TB; Dream Lover - TB; Dusky Challenger - TB.

Easter Candy - TB; Edge Of Heaven - TB; Edged Out - TB; Edith Wolford - TB; Edwardian Era - TB; Eleanor's Pride - TB; Electric - TB; Elf Esteem - MDB; Elizabethan Age - TB; Elmohr - AB; Embellished - TB; Everything Plus - TB; Eye Candy - BB; Eye Of The Tiger - SDB.

Fairy Firefly - MDB; Fancy Idea - TB; Fancy Woman - TB; Fashionably Late - TB; Fashion Designer - TB; Fiery Temper - TB; Final Answer - TB; Final Offer - TB; Fires Of Fiji - SDB; First Nation - TB; First Prize - TB; First Violet - TB; Fission Chips - MDB; Flamenco - TB; Flash Mob - TB; Flatlander - TB; Flights of Fancy - TB; Florentine Silk - TB; Fogbound - TB; Fond Of You - TB; Football Hero - TB; Foreign Agent - TB; Frank's Dream - TB; Friendly Fire - TB; Frosting - TB.

Gala Glow - TB; Gambling Man - TB; Game Changer - TB; Garnet Slippers - IB; Gate To Paradise - SDB; Ghirardelli Square - TB; Ghost Train - TB; Ghost Writer - TB; Gibberish - TB; Girl Gone Wild - TB; Gitano - TB; Glacier Point - TB; Glamorizing - TB; Glassy Sea - TB; Glitter Gulch - TB; Gnu Blues - TB; Gnus Flash - TB; Gnu Rayz - IB; Golden Panther - TB; Goldkist - TB; Gone Viral - TB; Good Morning Sunshine - TB; Gossamer Veil - TB; Gotham - TB; Grand Noble - TB; Grapelet - MDB; Grapenut - BB; Great Lakes - TB; Greatest Show On Earth - TB; Guadalajara - TB; Guardian Angel - TB; Gulfport - TB; Gypsy Lord - TB; Gypsy Romance - TB.

Happenstance - TB; Haunted Heart - TB; Heartfelt Desire - TB; Heartstring Strummer - TB; Helen McGregor - TB; Hellcat - IB; Hello Darkness - TB; Here Comes Trouble - TB; Hey There - MDB; High Achiever - TB; High Desert - TB; High Octane - TB; Hollywood Lights - TB; Hollywood Nights - TB; Honey Glazed - IB; Honky Tonk Blues - TB; Horatio - TB; Hot Coals - MDB; Hot Dogs And Mustard - TB; Hot Fudge - IB.

Ice Cream Sundae - TB; Icon - MDB; Idle Rich - TB; Illuminati - TB; Immaculate Heart - TB; Immortality - TB; Impressive - IB; Imperial Guard - TB; Inkblot - TB; Ink Patterns - TB; In Love Again - TB; In Reverse - TB; Insaniac - TB; Inside Track - TB; Instant Message - TB; Irresistible Charm - TB; Italian Ice - TB; Italian Velvet - TB.

Javalanche - TB; Jazz Band - TB; Jedi Princess - TB; Jesse's Song - TB; Jubilance - TB; Juggernaut - TB; Junior Partner - BB; Jurassic Park - TB; Just The Ticket - TB.

Kathy Chilton - TB; Kay - MDB; Kayla's Song - MDB; Keep Off - MDB; Kewlopolis - SDB; Kilt Lilt - TB; Kiwi Cheesecake - TB.

Lacy Snowflake - TB; Lady Friend - TB; Lady Of The Night - BB; La Scala - TB; Laser Light Show - TB; Leave The Light On - IB; Lemon Pop - IB; Lemon Up - BB; Leopard Print - SDB; Let Me Be There - TB; Little Blue Eyes - SDB; Local Color - TB; Londonderry - IB; Lotto Winner - TB; Lovely Livvy - TB; Love Me Forever - TB; Luminate - TB.

Magical - TB; Malaguena - TB; Malheur - TB; Man's Best Friend - IB; Mariposa Autumn - TB; Mariposa Skies - TB; Marital Bliss - TB; Marksman - SDB; Marrying Kind - TB; Marry The Night - TB; Mary Frances - TB; Mary Geddes - TB; Mary Randall - TB; Maui Gold - IB; Maui Moonlight - IB; Maui Sunrise - SDB; Maui Wowie - TB; Mauve Mistress - SDB; Maximalist Art - TB; Mayberry - TB Meerkat Manor - BB; Merchant Marine - TB; Mesmerizer - TB; Midnight Oil - TB; Midnight Velvet - TB; Midsummer Night's Dream - IB Millennium Falcon - TB; Mind Reader - TB; Ming - IB; Mink River - SDB; Missouri - TB; Mixed Signals - TB; Money In Your Pocket - TB; Montmartre - TB; Mood Ring - TB; Moonglint - TB; Mouse That Roared - MDB; Mulled Wine - TB; Music - SDB; Musician - TB; My Cher - SDB; My Cher Of Happiness - BB; Mystique - TB.

Netizen - TB; New Moon - TB; Nickel - IB; Night Game - TB; Ninja Warrior - TB; Noble Pursuit - TB; Nonconforming Presence - IB; North Rim - TB; Notta Lemon - TB; Nouveau Riche - TB.

Oblivion - IB; Ocean Liner - TB; Off The Shoulder - TB; Off Topic - TB; Ola Kala - TB; Open Your Eyes - TB; Opposing Forces - TB; Orange Pop - BB; Orange Tiger - SDB; Orangutang Orange - TB; Oreo - TB; Orinoco Flow - BB; Own The Night - TBp Owyhee Desert - TB; Owyhee Opal - MDB.

Pacific Panorama - TB; Panjandrum - TB; Paris Fashion - TB; Parisian Dawn - TB; Pastel Patterns - TB; Patina - TB; Paul Black - TB; Peach Pearl - TB; Peach State - TB; Pele - SDB; Petalpalooza - TB; Pewter And Gold - TB; Pink Taffeta - TB; Plum Loco - TB; Poem Of Ecstasy - TB; Polish Princess - TB; Pond Lily - TB; Pop The Question - TB; Portland Pink - SDB; Prairie Sunset - TB; Pretty Kitty - TB; Prince Of Burgundy - IB; Puddy Tat - SDB; Puesta De Sol - TB; Pulsator - SDB; Pumpin' Iron - SDB; Pumpkin Pie ala Mode - TB; Purple Pepper - TB.

Queen's Circle - TB.

Rameses - TB; Rare Eddition - IB; Rare Treat - TB; Raspberry Ice - SDB; Rasberry Jam - SDB; Ravishing Ruby - TB; Reality Check - TB; Reckless Abandon - TB; Reckless Child - TB; Red Hot Chili - IB; Restless Spirit - TB; Revision - TB; Rhonda Fleming - TB; Ride The Wind - TB; Rimaround - IB; Ring Around Rosie - TB Ringtone - TB; Rio - TB; Rippling Waters - TB; Rise Like A Phoenix - TB; Riviting - SDB; Role Model - TB; Rosy Wings - TB; Royal Heir - TB; Royal Sterling - TB; Royal Storm - TB; Royalty Remembered - TB; Royston Rubies - TB; Ruby Eruption - SDB; Ruby Slippers - IB; Ruffled Ballet - TB; Ruffled Goddess - TB; Rule The World - TB; Rum Is The Reason - TB; Rustler - TB.

Sable Night - TB; Sammie's Jammies - TB; San Francisco - TB; Sapphire Hills - TB; Scruples - MDB; Sea Cruise - TB; Secret Rites - TB; Secret Service - TB; Seismic Zone - TB; Sergey - TB; Shandygaff - TB; Sharp Dressed Man - TB; Sharpshooter - TB; Sheer Excitement - BB; Shifting Gears - TB; Shipshape - TB; Shivaree - TB; Shivers - TB; Sierra Blue - TB; Silver Fox - TB; Silverado - TB; Sin City - TB; Skating Party - TB; Sky Hooks - TB; Skywatch - TB; Slovak Prince - TB; Small Galaxy - SDB; Smiling Faces - TB; Snapshot - TB; Sneezy - TB; Social Event - TB; Social Graces - TB; Solar Fire - TB; Somebody To Love - TB; Song Of Norway - TB Sonic Bloom - TB; Sorbonne - TB; Sostenique - TB; Spectator - IB; Speed Limit - TB; Spiced Tiger - TB; Spice Trader - TB; Spinning Wheel - TB; Spirit World - TB; Splash - SDB; Splashacata - TB; Spring Elegance - TB; Spun Gold - TB; Stairway To Heaven - TB; Starbaby - SDB; Stardust Evening - TB; Star In The Night - IB; Starring - TB; Starwoman - IB; Stepping Out - TB; Stolen Sweets - TB; Stop And Stare - SDB; Storm Lord - TB; Storm Rider - TB; Stormscape - TB; Strawberry Freeze - TB; Strawberry Shake - TB; Study In Black - TB; Sudden Impact - TB; Sun Doll - SDB; Sundown Glow - TB; Sunny Glitter - TB; Sunrise Splendor - TB; Sun Shine In - TB; Superhero - TB; Superstition - TB; Swan Ballet - TB; Swedish Lullaby - TB; Swing And Sway - TB.

Talking Back - MDB; Tangled Web - TB; Tanzanian Tangerine - TB; Tanzanite Twinkle - TB; Tapatio - TB; Telepathy - TB; Temporal Anomaly - TB; That's All Folks - TB; The Red Douglas - TB; Theatre - TB; Thornbird - TB; Tiger Honey - TB; Timescape - TB; Tiny Titan - MDB; Titan's Glory - TB; Tom Johnson - TB; Top Line - TB; Toronto - TB; Total Recall - TB; Tour De France - TB; Trade Secret - TB; Trimmed Velvet - MDB; Triple Whammy - TB; True Colors - TB; Truly Yours - TB; Trumped - TB; Tucumcari - TB; Tunnel Vision - TB; Tuscan Summer - TB.

Ultimate - SDB; Uncle Charlie - TB; Undercurrent - TB; Underlined - TB; Under My Spell - TB.

Vanity - TB; Vavoom - SDB; Velvet Valentine - TB; Venetian Glass - TB; Venita Fay - TB; Versailles - TB; Victoria Falls - TB; Vienna Waltz - TB; Violet Harmony - TB; Vista Point - TB; Vivien - TB; Volcanic Glow - TB; Voltage - TB; Voule-Vous - TB.

Wabash - TB; Wait For Me - MDB; War Of Words - TB; Waterline - TB; Waves Of Joy - TB; Wedding Belle - TB; White Chameleon - TB; White Hot - TB; Whole Cloth - TB; Why Be Normal - TB; Wild And Free - TB; Wild Angel - TB; Wild Jasmine - TB; Wildcat Madness - TB; Wild Wings - TB; Winter Olympics - TB; Wintry Sky - TB; Wise - MDB; Wishes Granted - TB; Wish Upon A Star - SDB; Wishful Thinking - TB; Witchy Woman - TB; Words Of Wisdom - TB; World Premier - TB.

Yaquina Blue - TB; You're So Veined - TB.

Zero Gravity - TB; Zheng Elf - MDB; Zip Zing Zowie - TB; Zooboomafoo - SDB.