Website Updates
As of 23 May 2024, the website is closing.  I would like to thank each and everyone who wordered and hope that you won't be too disappointed if I have overestimated available rhizomes and have to refund for ones I have run out of.  While I try to ensure that each rhizome is true to the specified variety, because I need to use a helper to dig (after all, I am 78 and not as spry as I once was), if you receive a rhizome that turns out to be incorrect when it blooms, please let me know and I will either refund or replace depending on the situation.  Please feel free to contacted me by message or phone if you have questions or problems with your irises.

For those who have requested additional rhizomes if they become available (I am new as the estimating available rhizomes and some may show up when the digging starts in mid July) please know that I will contact you individually.
Again, Thank You for a wonderful year.