Growing iris rhizomes is pretty simple.  Plant, water, fertilize and enjoy.  Once every 2-5 years you will need to divide your iris, replant the rhizomes where you want, sell or give away the spares, and enjoy.  I have been enjoying my irises for the past 25 years in the small, rural community of Greenacres about 10 miles from the nearby towns of Coos Bay and Coquille on the southern Oregon coast.  My purpose in establishing this website is to share my love for the iris, let folks know what iris varieties I grow, and have available for sale.  I also host the Facebook Group, Coos County Iris Lovers where I share tidbits of info and list iris currently for sale.
Iris can bloom nearly anytime of the year (my reblooming iris 'Total Recall' sent up a bloom stalk in December 2021 and the bloom opened in January 2022), but generally confine their flowers to the spring and late summer/early fall.  The gorgeous iris pictured here is the tall bearded iris Golden Panther.
I apologize in advance for some of my photos which don't do justice to the irises.  I am slowly getting better and my camera does a better job of getting the color correct.  Also because the background on my iris pictures have wire fencing, tires, vehicles, etc., I have been replacing the backgrounds for a "cleaner" image.